About Me

My name is Cori Lanigan and I am a senior at the University of Oregon and working towards receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in public relations. For the past few months, I have been interning at Quack Cave as a digital strategist. This position has given me new strengths in managing cropped-996909_10152197876893298_45256466_n.jpgdigital landscapes, propelling day-to-day interaction, searching through various accounts, increasing a digital footprint and supporting the brand voice. These new assets have narrowed my public relations interest into sports PR.

I have worked several different jobs before the Quack Cave internship that have increased my level of professionalism. In my small town, Stinson Beach Ca., this variety of jobs helped serve my community. As a sale associate for my local surf shop I created innovative store sets and helped the presentation of product display. Working as a barista for almost three years, I up-sold customers to ensure a higher profit for the company and used appropriate selling technique. I also exhibited problem-solving skills by managing multiple orders on my own while under time constraints. I made sure to follow the strict safety regulations regarding the maintaining of supplies. Working with Woodworking West Incorporated for four years helped me demonstrate the ability to learn organizational processes, workflows, policies and procedures. Technology literacy was also very relevant in this job and challenged me to work with Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

I also enjoy my leadership roles that I have been involved in over the past several years. I am one of the head coaches for the University of Oregon club softball team and have been since my training began my sophomore year. This position required me to lead over 20 women by running practices, providing a plan for each practice and lineup for each game. I was expected to make decisions under pressure to better the team and program.

I currently reside in Eugene Ore., to finish my college education so I can further my professionalism in public relations. I hope to further my career after I graduate in the spring and hopefully work in athletic public relations.


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