CSR Memo


To: Herbert Hainer, Chief Executive Officer

From: Cori A. Lanigan, Vice President of Communication

Date: November 12, 2014

Subject: Corporate Social Responsibility at Adidas

At Adidas we are dedicated to our corporate social and environmental responsibility. It is a promise we make to all of our customers and communities to practice these aspects of the company. As a company we work towards being part of social and environmental change throughout the various communities that Adidas serves. Being part of a business isn’t just about making money, but also about how we can prove to our customers that we are a good member of the global society.

As a leader in the global sports industry, it is imperative to strive in this part of the business to remain a responsible company. As we say on our website, “The aim for the company is to raise the performance of our own sites and of those in our supply chain in the areas of social and environmental responsibility, and in this way to improve the lives of the people who manufacture our products, as well as the environment in which these products are manufactured.” [1]

Recently, we have focused our efforts on our environmental responsibility. We have been looking at all aspects of the company and products to make sure that we are doing everything to fulfill our responsibilities. Adidas is looking at its past efforts and seeing how it can improve even more. So far, Adidas’ energy management and environmental strategy have proven strong and successful.

As a way to increase our efforts, we are also implementing a “FAIR PLAY” report to demonstrate how we go above and beyond for our employees, suppliers and our local communities. This new approach focuses on people, product, planet and partnership to explain this new program. Fair Play is about being fair with our employees and partners along with both of our customers.

These are strong steps but we are always looking for ways to make out corporate social responsibilities even stronger. As a company we should look at other companies and see what they are doing successfully to make us even more successful. Since we are a company that promotes health and wellness, a way to improve our corporate social responsibility policy is by implementing a healthy lifestyle. A good program to look at is Lululemon, which offers free yoga classes once a week for its customers and employees. [2]

Going off of Lululemon, Adidas can offer free workout classes in their stores to promote physical and mental health-consciousness. By providing these classes to customers and community members who do not have the resources of working out, we can motivate people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide inspiration to unmotivated individuals. These classes can also provide a form of education of keeping healthy for long-term value.


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