Non Profit Letter


October 27, 2014

Dear John,

You have the opportunity to save the lives of innocent animals to help make our goal, Save Them All, a reality. As a donor, you will also be helping to encourage adoption and be part of our life-saving work. You can make a difference by helping us stop all the unnecessary cruelty to helpless and harmless animals that suffer from this everyday.

Each year, over 4 million homeless pets are killed in America’s shelters — that’s 9,000 pets per day and 6 pets per minute. However, 90 percent of those animals that enter the shelters are adoptable. We understand that this is a big number. How can you help?

A donation of even $83 can help cover medical expenses of an animal in need and help save its life.

Kaya, who is now a sweet healthy puppy, was once abandoned on the streets unable to eat and constantly vomiting. Without a home, Best Friends Animal society was able to take Kaya in and treat her for a complicated condition known as megaesophagus. Her surgery and medical expenses totaled to about $6,000, which could have never been covered without the help of donors like you.


Now, a Best Friends Animal society volunteer fosters Kaya and takes special care of her. Stacey Turnpaugh, Kaya’s foster parent, said, “Kaya has a huge personality. She’s very affectionate and acts just like a typical German Shepherd – smart and outgoing.”

How can you help an innocent life like Kaya? A donation of $83, you could change the life of another innocent animal. You could help nurse an animal back to health, provide foster care for a sick animal and even save a life.

If you’re still thinking that this no-kill movement is still too large to make an impact and still wondering what your money will even go to and why $83, here’s a breakdown:

  • $915,000 in grant money was awarded to various projects such as Saving grace Rescue, Humane Society of Wichita County and Operation catnip.
  • That money helped save the lives of 11,000 animals
  • $915,000 in grant money divided by 11,000 animals saved equals $83 per animal

What does this mean? It means that for $83 you can save a homeless animal’s life.

Your investment in Best Friends Animal Society can make a significant difference in our work. It could also make a difference in your life.

  1. Help by donating! All the money that you donate will go straight to animals in need of help. You can also choose the preferred method of donation if there is one area you are more passionate about.

If you’re looking to do more than donate $83 to us, I have other options for you. Your life could be changed by the way you get involved.

  1. Volunteer with us! Whether its walking a dog, petting a lonely cat or providing love to an animal that just wants to be loved back you are helping in more ways than you may think. You can even meet your very own best friend this way.
  1. Be a guardian angel! These animals with special needs rely on your monthly gift to receive the medical attention and love that they need. Even though you may not be able to be there physically, you are helping an animal stay alive and in good health. Each week you can catch up on their progress and stay up to date with their lives.
  1. Adopt an Animal! These animals are looking for a warm loving home like yours. There are many abandoned animals around the country that need a home. Be part of the change and adopt today.

You can change the lives of blameless animals without a home or someone to love.

You can make a difference in the way innocent animals are treated.

You can help start a time when homeless and unwanted animals are not killed in shelters. You can help guarantee an animal a good life in a caring home.

You can stop the cruelty.

You can help Save Them All.


Thank you for your support,

Kate Schnepel, Director of Strategic Communications

Best Friends Animal Society

P.S. Our animals thank you for your support and generosity. Your kindness is truly saving lives and making a difference to your furry friends. Log on to to learn more and make a difference today.


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